Hey guys! Okay so my dad works at Apple and he just got promoted and they gave him a free black iPhone 4S. Everyone in my family already has iPhones so he gave the one he got to me. I already have an iPhone but I mine is white & I want to switch to black so I took the new one (sorry guys) and I’m giving my old one away. I asked him & he said it was fine. 

Phone details: 

  • White, 4S, 32GB
  • 2 months old
  • No scratches anywhere except on the screen protector
  • Has a screen protector already on
  • Comes in the box

What you’ll get:

  • iPhone 4S in white
  • Charger (used)
  • Headphones (new)
  • All the papers and stickers than come with the phone

Rules & conditions:

  • Reblog as much as you want
  • Likes don’t count
  • I ship worldwide
  • Depending on where you are, shipping can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks.
  • Must be following me, I check!
  • Giveaway ends on March 15

Before anyone asks, yes I used to charger and earphones already. The charger I give you guys will be the one I got with the phone so it will be used but it’s in very good condition. I’m not going to give you guys the earphones that I got with the phone thought because they’re used and that’s disgusting. Tomorrow I’m going to the apple store to pick up a pair of earphones so you’ll get new ones, don’t worry. With the microphone and all. :)




I dare you to stop scrolling through your dashboard. Stop checking your Facebook newsfeed that you’ve already checked two seconds ago. Stop updating your Twitter and seeing what your favorite celebrities are saying. Stop watching funny and nonsense videos on Youtube. Take time to educate yourself to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world. This is your chance! WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Let’s make JOSEPH KONY Famous!!


He is THE WORST LIVING CRIMINAL. He abducts children and makes them use guns to kill their own parents. He takes girls and forces them to be sex slaves. He calls his abducted children the Lord’s Resistance Army, AKA the LRA. He has abducted over 30,000 children and forced them to be child soldiers in Central Africa. He remains at large because he is INVISIBLE to the world. FEW know his name, even FEWER know his crimes. WE ARE MAKING HIM FAMOUS! Because when he is, the world will unite against him and demand his arrest.

We can help make a change. We can make a difference.

I feel so inspired. I feel the need to help and make a difference. This has to happen in 2012. We can’t let him go around and keep doing this to children in Central Africa. Let’s make his name known so he can be stopped. HE CAN NO LONGER BE INVISIBLE!


This will not make your blog ugly, please take a moment to reblog and get the word out. SHARE THIS TO EVERYONE! Be a part of something BIG and when they catch this man, you would be able to say.. “I HELPED.”